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simple . . . running makes me happy!

I'm assuming it might do the same for you and perhaps that's how you found me here? Running has been a consistent and always reliable source of calming, grounding, energizing, and insight-provoking pleasure for me.  I tend to use running in lieu of a car or transit in order to get around town whether it's to my clinic, grabbing groceries, getting to meetings or if I'm literally just "running" errands.  I run to socialize.  I run to feel good and stay fit.  It's simple and accessible, almost anybody can do it, it's an environmentally-friendly way of transit and has so many other benefits, why wouldn't I run?!  One of my side-passions is helping my patients find something that makes them feel the same way that I do about running!


The running naturopath

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about naturopathic medicine

Dr. Kathy has completed additional training in Ehlers Danlos Syndrome through the EDS Society ECHO Clinician Training & ongoing conferences in EDS, HSD, dysautonomia & MCAS.  Having always had a "bendy body" herself and running into her own post-surgical issues that led to a hEDS diagnosis, she realized the lack of EDS awareness in the conventional medical world... and sought to become the kind of "zebra doctor" that both she and her patients so desperately needed!  There is an ongoing evolution of discoveries, research, and learning involved in treating EDS & the "Trifecta" of its comorbidities (EDS, POTS & MCAS), but this has proven to become Dr. Kathy's true calling in unravelling the puzzle & helping her Zebra patients to build stronger & more resilient bodies!

naturopathic medicine

This is a comprehensive approach to healthcare combining medical sciences with naturopathic interventions.  We address the root cause of illness in a holistic, supportive manner which leads to more complete resolution of symptoms alongside preventative medicine. Treatments include clinical nutrition and supplementation, botanical medicine, acupuncture, cupping, physical medicine, lifestyle counseling and homeopathy.

Dr. Kathy van Zeyl, B.Sc, ND


acupuncture, cupping & chinese medicine

why the running naturopath?

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sports medicine & performance enhancement

Dr. Kathy treats a wide variety of sports injuries and athletic performance issues. Common treatment focuses include maximizing strength, endurance, energy, performance-enhancing nutrition, acute and chronic treatment & prevention of injuries.  Commonly-used treatments include clinical nutrition, recovery supports, supplementation, acupuncture, trigger point release and cupping therapy.

  • Hypermobility & Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS Society ECHO Clinician)
  • POTS & Dysautonomia
  • MCAS & Histamine Intolerance
  • Running & Sports Injuries
  • Headaches, migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia & chronic pain
  • Chronic fatigue & burnout
  • IBS & Digestive concerns 
  • Anxiety, Depression & ADHD
  • Acute & chronic infections
  • Hypothyroid & adrenal dysfunction
  • PMS, menopause & hormonal irregularities